Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Humor anyone?

Anyway, even with the misery and dread attendant to being ATR, there is some consolation in that I suspect that the ATR need not worry about the above type of experience. But hey, I might be wrong. I suspect that we will need to be rated by the end of the year. I wonder how that is determined.  The more I think about this situation, the bleaker and really more absurd it becomes.  What advantage is there, or rather what is being served by having the ATR move from school to school? It is wrong headed in so many ways. The teacher never gets to establish a relationship with fellow teachers, students, or administration, yet these are basic field rules that need to be there before one can expect any fruitful results from having a teacher stand in another teacher's classroom. I know that all the schools are "teaching the same thing at the same time" Gee, doesn't that make it easy?  Anyway, what I need to know is if there is a generic bathroom key that fits all the teacher bathroom locks. This is what I need to worry about instead of checking my student's Glogs on the Harlem Renaissance.  That is when I had a class and a classroom, instead of a coverage slip.

I would like to know from other experienced ATR people if you are also sent to do a Poncho to Cisco in other teachers’ classrooms.  In other words, if you are not covering an absence, are you sent to work with another teacher as a sidekick, or are you sent to "the pool you came from" -- the cafeteria/facility lounge?

You: You want the truth!
Me: I deserve the truth!
You: You can't handle the truth!
Me: Try me!
You: You will be sent to be an unwelcome stranger intruding upon the Other who will regard you with suspicion and the "there but for the grace of Athena go I", type of pity. .  You will need to do this on a near daily basis if you are not sent to oversee the class that thinks sub means sandwich - something to eat... You will be required to search for the only secretary that has the one bathroom key - and yes, she is very busy, you may be eating lunch at 10:30am or 2:15 - you never know. You will have to track down the payroll secretary to make sure you have a card this week, you will need to have identification - perhaps a badge will do since you are indeed a stranger. Shall I go on...there will be no where to park and no where to eat ..
Me: Aha, so much the wiser.


  1. Just read on twitter that the DOE plans to hire more than 4000 new teachers this summer..What about us the ATRs? No, we are unwanted because our salaries are too high and we are tenured. And the UFT stands by and does NOTHING. Oh right, we have a job. How can I forget?

    1. No - don't tell that is true - I can't believe it - ...oh yes I can. Also, there are still ads on Craigslist for Teaching Fellows - This just goes on and on. It took me the six years of teaching to finally get my skills down and create interesting projects for the kids. And now, having gained those skills and experience we are being sent to cafeterias to wait for 6th period because we are teachers without a room.

  2. Being an ATR is such a joke...I want to teach but I am not allowed because I was excessed from my school for budget reasons and building enrollment. So, Im a substitute now being paid like a veteran teacher. Make sense????

  3. I have applied to many jobs via open market, sent principals emails and called endless schools. Not one callback or interview. This is so disheartening.

    My schools projected enrollment has decreased as well. Someone is retiring in February so if she does, I'll just go back there and take over her classes.